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The digital age is an exciting time full of great potential, however, it has created a higher sense of anxiety and financial complexity. We filter out what’s important, simplify your finances, and guide you along the path to financial freedom.

Our Purpose

We help you get more out of life

We do this by empowering you to take control of your financial life, freeing you to do the things that matter to you most. We help maximize your return on life by leveraging technology and offering services and resources that simplify and automate your finances, helping you to win back your time and keep more of your well earned money.

We understand that everyone’s financial literacy is different, and that’s why we feel everyone deserves un-biased, jargon-free, simple, and actionable advice. As a fiduciary, we put your interests first, just like it should be.

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Your Advisory Team

Nick Reilly, CFP® & CDAA

Founder & Wealth Advisor
Nick founded One Day Advice so that he could combine his experience and background as a Certified Financial Planner™ with his passion for technology and helping others achieve more out of life. Nick is also a Certified Digital Asset Advisor™ and a leading educator within the digital asset & cryptocurrency community, helping people safely navigate the space and position for the future.

His mission revolves around enriching the lives of those he works with by empowering them to take control of their finances, and freeing them to live the life they want.
Nick's curiosity has led to a life of continual learning and he loves the opportunity to share those insights with others.

Nick loves spending time with his wife and son, and their mini-goldendoodle, Oslo. Outside of the home, he loves to travel and is always excited for the next workout, basketball pick-up game, or outdoor adventure.
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Kyle Weisbrod

Associate Wealth Advisor
Kyle came to One Day Advice to combine his love of coaching, planning, and problem-solving to help individuals and families achieve their personal and financial goals. Kyle brings a wealth of life experience from non-profits to tech start-ups, to the sports and recreation industry.  
Kyle is passionate about helping clients live life on their terms, make decisions with clarity and confidence, and feel secure in their family’s future.
Kyle is a Certified Financial Planner™ Candidate after passing the exam in 2023.

When not financially planning, Kyle spends time with his family and dog (Mochi), floating rivers, skiing, disc golfing, and cooking.  

Kelly Whittaker

Operations & Support
Kelly is an experienced Executive Assistant with a proven track record of providing high-level administrative support to executives and high net worth individuals. She is a problem solver and is always willing to go above and beyond.

Kelly grew up in New Jersey and Arizona, and currently lives in Florida with her boyfriend and their two dogs, Ruby and Maddux. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, being active, cooking, and spending time with family.

Extended Team

Thanks to our never-ending mission to continually add value to our clients, we offer direct access to an extended team of experienced wealth advisors that bring with them additional designations. All are available in-house and include the Chartered Financial Analyst™ (CFA) and Certified Public Accountant™ (CPA) designations.


Office Dog
Mini-Goldendoodle who serves as a reminder that, outside of money and finance, there are other areas of our lives that need our attention... and they are often the most important.

What we are

We are an independent Registered Investment Adviser (RIA). Which means we do not work for a financial institution, we work for you. We have the flexibility to establish our own relationships with custodians and outside experts that will best serve our clients needs. This flexibility allows us to seek out the best technology and solutions that the market has to offer.

We were founded because we felt that a majority of people weren’t getting the advice they deserved and felt there was a better way to serve them.

We are a fiduciary, which means we are legally bound to putting your interests ahead of our own. Just as it should be.

What we are not

We are not a financial institution with sales incentives and we do not take commissions. Our only incentivization is to witness your success.

We are not stuck in the 20th century! We believe in the power of technology and its ability to enhance the lives around us. We seek the optimal balance of technology with a personal touch to provide our clients with an augmented experience.

We are not “stock pickers” or “market-timers” who sell false or misleading expectations. We follow the data that produces results.

"More than anything, we love to help people. We are in this business because we believe we are able to enhance the lives of people we work with."

Nick Reilly, CFP®
Founder & Wealth Advisor
Company logos of employees who trust our services

We are trusted by the employees of many leading brands.

We understand stock (and token) compensation and employee benefits at a deep level. In addition to the companies highlighted, we also work with private companies, start-ups & small businesses.

  • Restricted Stock Units (RSU's)
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)
  • Incentive Stock Options (ISO's) and Nonqualified Stock Options
  • Token Compensation & Crypto Payroll for Blockchain & Digital Asset Companies

Let us be your financial guide through life

Whether you want to be educated around financial matters or if you want to empower yourself to live the life you want by hiring us as your personal CFO, we’ve got you covered.
We look forward to this journey together!
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