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Whether you are new to crypto, looking to take your current strategies to the next level, or wanting to preserve what you’ve already made, we have solutions for you.
Check out our Digital Asset Foundations and Advanced Digital Asset Offerings.

Digital Asset & Crypto Foundations Package
For Investors with Less Than $2million in crypto assets

Establish your own relationship with a CFP® and Certified Digital Asset Advisor (CDAA) who will get to know you and your unique situation. They will work with you to design a financial life plan using the process mentioned in our Financial Planning Services page. Because you’ll have a continuous relationship with someone who knows YOU, you won’t have to start from scratch every time you need some guidance or assistance.

We look at your financial situation holistically and help you integrate crypto into your life, helping you to optimize the asset class in a way that it works for you and your goals.

Crypto-related Services Included:

Access to Your Dedicated Certified Digital Asset Advisor (CDAA)
Digital Asset Education
Guided Implementation of Strategies
Net Worth Tracking for all Digital and Traditional Assets (Software Included)
Crypto Tax Planning (Includes Personalized Access to a Crypto Tax Prep Software)
Ongoing Support

Other Financial Planning Services Included:

Direct Investment Management for First $500,000 in Assets (An Approximate $5,000 value!)
Personalized Comprehensive Guidance through all Financial Planning Topic Areas
Gain Financial Clarity Through Initial Multiple Meeting 90-Day Onboarding Process
Quarterly Strategy Meetings After Initial Onboarding
Unlimited Access to Your Dedicated CFP Professional (You don't have to wait for scheduled meetings)
Achieve Long-term Peace of Mind Knowing that Your Finances Are Optimized for Your Life and Goals
Gain Certainty and Confidence Financially and Reap the Benefits in Other Aspects of Your Life
Starting at
Annual Retainer Fee. Paid Quarterly or Semi-annually.
(There is No Minimum Length of Contract)
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Advanced Digital Asset Package
For Investors with More Than $2million in crypto assets

Includes everything inside our Crypto Foundation package, plus:

Full Tax Prep and Filing with CPA (Will save you up to $5,000/yr)
Access to an extended team of professionals (i.e. Crypto-savy CPA’s, Attorneys, etc.)
Hands-on guidance around implementing advanced crypto strategies
Starting at
Annual Retainer Fee. Paid Quarterly or Semi-annually.
(There is No Minimum Length of Contract)
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