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Better financial outcomes through intelligent and purpose-driven investing. We continually strive to reduce unnecessary costs so that we can pass on the cost savings to our clients.

Wealth Management

Fee Schedule

1.00% up to the first $1 million

0.85% on assets between $1M & $2.5M

0.75% on assets between $2.5M & $5M

0.50% on assets between $5M & $10M

0.25% on assets between $10M & $25M

0.15% on assets above $25 million

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Assets under management of One Day Wealth are typically held at either Charles Schwab Institutional, SEI Private Trust, or Altruist Corp. One Day Wealth does not hold custody of the assets.

Investment advisory services are offered through a strategic partnership with Columbia Advisory Partners, an SEC-registered investment advisor.

Clients who have at least $750,000 of investable assets with One Day Wealth may qualify for our comprehensive financial planning services at no additional cost. We also offer financial planning services for those who are building their wealth and don’t meet this threshold.

Depending on the custodian that is most suitable for the client's goals, there may be an additional platform fee ranging from 0.05-0.15%.

How do we invest?

Our Core Beliefs for Investing:

  • You should let the markets do the hard work for you. Overtime, stocks and bonds have exceedingly outperformed inflation.
  • Investing and emotions don’t mix well.
  • You should keep fees to a minimum, while not sacrificing quality.
  • Most people should not be stock pickers.
  • You can manage risks but you cannot control returns.
  • You cannot consistently time the market’s ups and downs.

historical stock market returns
Stock market since 1900

average investor behavior
Average investor returns barely beat inflation

time and volatility of investing
An investor's time horizon can be both a friend and a foe

investment asset class returns
Understanding proper asset allocation is crucial to long-term success.

Asset Allocation

Not all investments are correlated. At any given time, some may be going up, and some may be going down. Asset allocation provides means of managing the risks (like an economic crisis) so that your ride can be much more smooth. Where it makes sense, we offer access to alternative investments within the private market space that has a low correlation to the public markets.

Asset Location

Not to be confused with “asset allocation”, the location of assets in an investment portfolio is almost equally as important. Asset “location” refers to where the investment is physically held. To simplify things, let’s consider two different locations as examples:

  • Tax-efficient Accounts: think of accounts that give the underlying investments the ability to grow tax-deferred or tax-free. These are your retirement accounts such as a 401(k) or IRA.
  • Tax-inefficient Accounts: these are your taxable individual or joint accounts that you are required to pay capital gains or income tax on the underlying investments as they grow

Strategic Rebalancing

There are countless studies that show the value-add that rebalancing brings to the portfolio. However, it’s easier said than done in your own personal portfolio. It’s hard to sell an investment that has done nothing but go up and brought you great fortune. It’s equally as hard to buy an investment that has done nothing but go down and continued to lose you money. Because we know this is hard, we remove the emotion and automatically rebalance your investment portfolio.

Tax Loss Harvesting

Do you wish to pay more taxes each year?… We’re willing to bet that you don’t. During the time we are bringing your portfolio back to balance, we seek to maximize your taxable losses and minimize your taxable gains wherever possible.

Zero Commissions + Zero Hidden Fees + Zero Trading Fees = Honest Pricing from a Fiduciary

We Offer Accounts That Meet Your Needs

  • Personal or Joint Accounts: These are taxable accounts meant to help you build long-term wealth alongside your retirement accounts (i.e. 401(k)s and IRAs). You are able to withdraw money any time without penalties in order to fund financial goals prior to retirement.
  • Traditional IRA: A retirement account that grows tax-deferred reduces your taxes paid over time. Contributions to this account can also be deductible, reducing your taxable income each year.
  • Roth IRA: A retirement account where contributions are made with taxed income, but your earnings grow tax-free.
  • Rollover IRAs for your old 401(k)s: These allow you to transfer your old 401(k)s into individual retirement accounts for greater control and flexibility.
  • SEP IRA: A great retirement account for the self-employed. This account allows you to contribute more than both Traditional and Roth IRAs.

If your account isn’t listed above, please Contact Us and we can tell you whether we can accommodate. We also offer great 401(k) options for small-businesses.

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