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You can think of us as your guide


Think of the financial planning process as a life story. You are the main character in this story, and we at One Day Advice serve as your guide. Think of us as the Hermione to your Harry Potter, the Haymitch to your Katniss, the Robin to your Batman, the…. I think you get the point.

Below, you will find a description of the financial planning journey, as well as examples of possible topics that financial planning may cover.

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Our Process

#1: It all starts with you

Since everyone is unique and different, why would we give you advice without getting to know you first!

We will meet (virtually or in-person) to discuss where you are now, where you want to go, and help you uncover what’s truly important in your life.

#2: We get organized together

We’ll gather all the relevant and necessary information needed to make an informed comprehensive plan. As your trusted guide, we have to understand your current situation and where you want to go. The more you let us into your life, the more you will get out of our time together.

#3: We will roll up our sleeves and get to work

We will analyze and evaluate your current financial situation, and assess your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (S.W.O.T. analysis).

#4: We will develop and present our recommendations

We’ll present to you a living and breathing plan with recommendations on how you can become a boss of your financial life. Living and breathing you say? By this we mean that as your life and priorities change, your financial plan should change with you.

#5: We get the ball rolling

We will help you implement these recommendations and be your accountability partner.

#6: We will periodically monitor and reassess the situation

  • We will help you monitor this plan to make sure it is up to date through every life stage you enter or obstacles you encounter.
  • Your priorities and goals in life WILL change. We want to make these transitions as smooth and stress-free as possible.

What are some examples
of financial planning topics?

Great Question! Here you go...
Financial Decisions
Cash Flow and Debt Management
Financial Independence
Employee Benefits Optimization
Financial Goals
Insurance Review
Investment Analysis
College/Education Savings
Estate Planning
Risk Management
Business Planning
Tax Planning Strategies

We Have Customized Financial Planning Options for You

All options include access to a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional
Comprehensive 1-on-1 Financial Planning (On-going)

Establish your own relationship with a CFP® who will get to know you and your unique situation. They will work with you to design a financial life plan using the process mentioned in the financial planning journey above. Because you’ll have a continuous relationship with someone who knows YOU, you won’t have to start from scratch every time you need some guidance or assistance.

Starting at
per month

Best suited for...

Single Individuals
Single Income
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Starting at
per month

Best suited for...

Supporting dependents
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This service is charged in the form of a subscription that ranges based on the complexity of the engagement. Generally, our clients fall under one of the above categories. If you don’t feel you fall into either bucket, please Contact Us.

Do you have more than $500,000 worth of investable assets that you’d like us to manage for you? If so, you will qualify to receive our comprehensive financial planning services at no additional cost. Simply refer to our
Investment Management services for more information on pricing.

*Both comprehensive plans have an up-front fee of $750 to cover the extra time required to develop the initial plan. There are situations where this fee may be waived or reduced.

Other options if you're not ready for comprehensive financial planning
per hour

Need an expert set of eyes, but don’t need ongoing services? Then the hourly option may be the best option.

Financial Health-check: Receive feedback on your current situation
Need to know whether your current advisor is doing what’s best for you? Are the fees too high?
Need a second opinion?
Would you like to have an expert review and analyze your current investment portfolio for opportunities or risks?
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Project-Based Work
Starting at $1,000 and based on complexity

Do you think that you may need a few sessions with an advisor but don’t think you are ready for an on-going engagement?

Projects may involve some data gathering, review, and analysis by the advisor
Often include multiple sessions or follow-up

*Upon completion of the project, the client may choose to maintain on-going relationship with the advisor. In this situation, the up-front fee for comprehensive planning may be waived

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